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Personal Care and Development Program

Personal Hygiene and Nutrition: Metamorphoses knows that before a client can begin to focus on programs and training, health and appearance issues may be a barrier to their success. We recognize that the first impression is always the most lasting.  Metamorphoses provides interactive seminars in taking the time to look your best, eat healthier foods and manage your health.  A client looking and feeling their best makes a better impression and gets more positive responses from employers, potential investors and even their family.


Self-Esteem/Self-Awareness: One of the largest barriers to success for transitioning clients is low self-esteem. How we view ourselves is directly connected to how others view us. Metamorphoses offers seminars in Self-esteem/Awareness to help clients realize their self-worth and develop skills to promote themselves in the employment market. Confidence gives clients an edge. Lack of confidence can cost clients valuable opportunities like interviews, contracts and promotions. Being aware of their strengths and limits can help them build confidence in themselves and their abilities.


Time/ Stress Management: Trying to balance school, homemaking, childcare, employment and other activities can be very stressful. These are challenges that can be faced by young parents that are still in school, as well as, the general public. Metamorphoses training sessions help you learn about setting reasonable goals and allowing time for activities by not over scheduling yourself.  Good time management can help make the smallest accomplishments seem huge! Knowing how to make time for “YOU” is essential in keeping stress at a manageable level.


Safety Awareness: With so many soldiers deployed overseas, elevated crime rates and ever climbing unemployment rates, many families are vulnerable. This can make them more susceptible to being victimized physically and financially. Safety measures, escape plans and being aware of your surroundings can make a big difference and possibly prevent being an unsuspecting victim of a violent crime or fraud.

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