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Educational and Economic Self-Sufficiency Program

Vocational Assessment: Through the use of standardized Interest Inventories, skill assessment tools and personal observations and interviews, Metamorphoses will help discover client’s aptitudes and skill sets and determine their optimal vocational outcomes. For some this can be employment in the public/private sector. For others who show the potential and motivation, independent business ownership will also be pursued.

Entrepreneurial Skill Development: For clients who show the potential and motivation, a 14 week program (12weeks seminar/2 weeks internship) will be taught to guide them through the process of becoming business owners. For some this may mean buying into an existing franchise. For others, this may mean developing a business plan based on a well-researched and viable original idea. Whatever their goal, our 14 week program helps clients make informed decisions, set realistic goals and formulate short and long term plans for business growth and success.


Financial Planning: Whether dealing personal finances or business revenues, a strong working knowledge of money management is essential to success. Our financial planning program, through a series of classes, assists clients in optimizing their purchase dollar. Additionally, our classes teach lifestyle and mindset changes that facilitate habits of saving, restructuring debt, building assets and eventually living debt free.


Educational Planning: Metamorphoses realizes that a high school diploma/GED does not promise a guarantee of employment. However, a degree in a saturated field carries just as little promise. Our program on Educational Planning utilizes current employment trends, vocational estimating tools and national demographics to help our clients in making informed decisions about vocational choices and setting realistic goals for employment and/or business ownership. For those who chose College, Metamorphoses has staff to assist in the College application process as well as seeking financial assistance to cover tuition and living cost while in school.

Computer Literacy: Survival in today’s ever changing employment market has become increasing dependent on the inter connectivity provided by advanced technology. Almost all employment applications are now online. A working knowledge of computers has become an absolute necessity for the successful business owners, as well as, the multitasking, working parents. Devices such as cell phones, PDA’s and laptops help us connect it all together. These tools can be instrumental in managing our lives better and by extension, managing our finances-yes, even our stress. The metamorphoses team provides an overview of technical devices and utilizing them to better manage daily demands.

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